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The Future Empowered
Possibilities Realized.

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Health Science Interactive

At HSi we create digital business strategies to elevate companies in the medical, healthcare and life-science industries.

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HSi is on a mission to expand what is possible by empowering medical professionals.

By delivering integrated user-friendly tools, HSi transforms how companies do business. After completing numerous medical, healthcare and life-science projects, HSi recognizes that each effort is unique and deserves a customized approach. By immersing ourselves in our client’s world, we quickly understand the use case requirements needed to generate both comprehensive strategies as well as lasting and robust solutions. To ensure the integrity of our client’s vision is maintained and their objectives realized, HSi provides a unique and continuous one-on-one customer service experience from design through product integration. At HSi, the success of our work is propelled by a results-driven and innovative process grounded by an ethos of collaboration, respect and integrity.

The Future Empowered.
Leveraging Technology

Leveraging Technology

Designing + Developing the Future of Healthcare and Life Science.

HSi understands the unique complexities of healthcare and life science. We are driven to empower the future with transformative technology that expands possibilities. HSi creates progressive solutions by studying clients’ operations and applying best-practices. Our multidisciplinary team offers ingenious perspective that propels companies forward. HSi’s services save time and money. Our streamlined design and development process ensures efficiency and integrity of project vision from concept to completion. Whether it’s ihealth apps, interoperability systems or behavioral marketing, HSi has you covered.

Who We Serve.  Healthcare. Pharmaceuticals. Medical Devices. Biotechnology. Insurance. Life-Science. Fitness. Internet of Things (IoT).

Comprehensive Strategy
Development + Integration

Comprehensive Strategy. Technology is only as effective as it is usable and adaptable. With sound strategy, HSi is leveraging the latest technologies to create flexible ihealth apps and integrated websites that deliver added value and lasting results.

  1. Data & Analytics
  2. Risk Analysis
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  5. Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  6. Branding / Identity (including Research, Positioning, Logo, Messaging, Graphics, Visuals, Color, Website)
  7. Marketing + Behavioral Marketing (including Gamification)
  8. Market Research
  9. User Research
  10. Content Development + Strategy

Design. HSi’s understanding of both best-practice user experience (UX) and industry workflows is the foundation from which all of our software products are inspired. Our sophisticated technology designs streamline procedures, reduce errors and create cohesive information platforms.

  1. User Experience (UX) Design
  2. User Interface (UI) Design
  3. Information Architecture Design
  4. Data & Analytics Systems Design
  5. Interactive Design
  6. Visual Design
  7. Mobile Health and Medical App Design (including mHealth Apps and iHealth Technologies, iPhone, iPad, Android)
  8. Interoperability Systems Design
  9. Ecommerce Design
  10. ePrescribing Apps and Web Systems Design
  11. Mobile Medical Device App Design
  12. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems Design
  13. Branding / Identity / Visual Design (including Research, Positioning, Logo, Messaging, Graphics, Visuals, Color, Website)
  14. Content Development
  15. Copywriting

Development & Integration. HSi tackles complex challenges with agility while adapting to changing requirements. Our results-driven approach produces innovative long term solutions that transform how companies do business.

  1. Mobile Health and Medical App Development (including mHealth Apps + iHealth Technologies, iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable Technologies)
  2. Web App Development
  3. Backend and Frontend Engineering
  4. Data + Analytics Systems Development + Integration (including Data Management, Data Visualization, Reporting, Data Syncing, Data Security, Genomic Data Technologies)
  5. API Development
  6. Usability Testing
  7. Interoperability Systems Development + Integration (including online/offline Data Syncing)
  8. Firmware Integration
  9. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) integration
  10. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  11. Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  1. Systems Development + Integration
  2. Financial Technologies Integration (Fintech)
  3. Ecommerce Integration
  4. Security, Privacy + Compliance
  5. Technology Systems Development + Integration (including Patient Data De-identification, HIPAA, Surescripts Certification vICH Q9. Q10. Q11, ISO 14971
  6. Medical Devices, 21 CFR Parts 11, 211 + 820, CGMP/211.180, AES/FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, HL7, ICD9
  7. ePrescribing App + Web Development + Integration
  8. Interactive Development
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies Development + Integrations
  10. Mobile Medical Device App Development + Integrations
  11. Content Development
  12. Copywriting