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The visionary HSi team thoroughly enjoys a good challenge and meets each one with a creative and inspired perspective. To HSi, each project is an opportunity to exercise our skills and expertise to achieve new measures of excellence and innovation in healthcare and medical technology. Experience our advanced solutions in action.

HSi’s team showed tremendous expertise in the complex integrated mobile app and Bluetooth Low Energy technology that was pivotal to our success. They thought creatively and acted quickly to meet project requirements. We enjoyed collaborating with their friendly and enthusiastic team. We look forward to working with HSi to continue revolutionizing the industry.

John Chang, Founder & CTO, Willow

It was a great pleasure working with HSi, a highly organized and competent team who rose to the challenges faced with the integration of several complex third party API's into our ePrescribing application.

Thanks to HSi’s technical expertise in the medical domain, their ability to proactively prepare and their timely response to inevitable changes, we executed the engineering of a highly-regulated application, which included passing two levels of certifications, all while meeting our aggressive timeline.

We look forward to working with HSi again in the future.

Erez Lapsker,  President & CEO, MediScripts

We contacted HSi to build us an Inventory Management System to help modernize our company. The problem turned out to be more complex than anticipated. Their team quickly proved to be a critical asset as they solved operational and data strategy problems while providing insightful guidance on product management. HSi elevated our business operations from inadequate and often-inaccurate manual spreadsheets to a customized system of automated inventory tracking.

Before HSi, we updated our inventory and website manually while using insufficient spreadsheets that frequently left inconsistencies across datasets. Now we can manage everything in one place, tracking and managing our complex cell products more accurately while also being fully integrated with our ecommerce website.

The HSi team took our business seriously and personally. They worked hard to understand our products and become domain experts, providing the best solutions for our needs. The expertise they brought to the table, combined with their commitment to partnership made HSi the ideal solution for our problem.

Anne Lodge, Ph.D., Founder, Astarte Biologics, Inc.


Technology for the Modern Consumer


Technology for the
Modern Consumer

The Client. Willow: A visionary Bay Area mobile healthcare company.

Key Services Provided

  1. Survey-Based Engineering
  2. Mobile Medical Device App Development
  3. UX Design & Development
  4. Rapid Development Techniques
  5. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Connectivity & Management
  6. Firmware Interoperability (IO) & Management
  7. Online/Offline Data Sync Capabilities
  8. Integrated Server-Based Backend Engineering
  9. Behavioral Marketing
  10. Data Management & Analytics System Design & Development (Firebase, BigQuery, Periscope)
  11. Interoperability System (IOS) Native
  12. Internet of Things (IoT)
  13. Android Native

The Project. Motivated to transform the lives of moms, Willow aimed to create a Wearable Breast Pump that would revolutionize the industry. Understanding the needs and busy schedules of modern moms, Willow recognized that the pump must be mobile, quiet, and free from the hindrances of wires, external tubes and dangling bottles. The overall concept includes a bluetooth connected app that provides tools, information, metrics, and data that empowers women and helps them achieve their breastfeeding goals. Willow is re-defining the world of wearables and is bringing a brand new concept to the world of healthcare. Willow engaged HSi to partner with their team to develop the app that is key to the company’s vision

Keys to Success. 1 Develop an innovative app of first-class quality within a tight timeframe 2 Navigate the complexities in developing a synced app experience for multiple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected devices 3 Create collaborative process to streamline development, testing, and product evolution.

The Strategy. HSi and Willow both recognized that a collaborative approach that encourages creative problem solving would be critical in developing a mobile app that provides an enhanced experience for mothers using the Willow Wearable Breast Pump. To ensure Willow’s competitive advantage, the timing for the endeavor was of vital importance. To produce a brand-new app of premier quality in the short time allotted, Willow and HSi established innovative iterative development and testing methods to achieve the project’s goals. The technical fluency of both HSi’s and Willow’s teams enabled an integrated and efficient process. There are rarely roadmaps when blazing trails into new technological frontiers, so the integrated team continually employed out-of-the-box thinking to accomplish landmark innovations.

The Outcome. HSi, collaborating with the Willow team, developed and delivered a high-quality, connected and synced mobile app that enables moms to track key helpful metrics, watch education videos and shop for Willow supplies. As the first truly mobile, all-in-one breast pump that fits in the bra, the Willow Wearable Breast Pump is the first of its kind and is redefining the world of wearables and bringing this to healthcare. Response to Willow is strong and is taking the world by storm. In addition to garnering numerous incredible reviews, the Willow Wearable Breast Pump won the prestigious 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award in the Wearable category, and the 2017 Fast Company Design “Innovation by Design” award for the Health Category.


Mobile Technology becomes
the New Norm

The Client. MediScripts. A leading New York based medical management tools company.

Key Services Provided

  1. App Design & Development
  2. Medical Database Design & Development
  3. User Experience Interface Design & Development
  4. Surescript Certification of Mobile App for e-Prescribing & Patient Information
  5. Integration with Physician Surveys
  6. Physician Dashboard Reporting
  7. Patient Information Management System
  8. Online Administration Information Management System
  9. Data Reporting Tools, including Prescription & Physician Metrics

The Project. Technology continues to transform the way clinicians do business. After 35 years of business, MediScripts found itself needing to evolve with the times to meet changing market needs. HSi was commissioned to design and develop integrated mobile technology tools to elevate MediScripts into the modern age and to advance their business with sophisticated products.

The Challenges. 1 Meeting complex compliance and security regulations 2 Accommodating extensive third party integrations 3 Designing a complex medical database with a comprehensive architecture.

The Strategy. HSi recognized that MediScripts needed a mobile e-Prescription product to enable it to adapt to industry demands. We began with an intensive assessment of physician use requirements and then collaborated with the client and stakeholders to build an effective mobile app foundation.

The Outcome. HSi designed and developed MediScripts’ first mobile e-Prescription product. This user-friendly tool streamlines tasks and allows physicians to use their time more efficiently. MediScripts e-Prescription pad was one of the first mobile applications to achieve SureScripts certification, a notoriously complex and time-consuming process, that HSi achieved on the first attempt. The platform is scalable and flexible in anticipation of changing technologies and the evolving worlds of medical requirements and market demands.


Accurate Inventory
Every Time

The Client. Astarte. A Washington based biotechnology company.

Key Services Provided

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Information Management Application System Design & Development
  3. Biotechnology Inventory Database Technology
  4. User Experience Interface Design and Development
  5. Use-Requirement Assessment
  6. Workflow Assessment
  7. Biotech Data Normalization
  8. Cross-Platform Technology Integration
  9. Database and Website Integration

The Project. Astarte was struggling with inefficiency due to a disconnect between its cell products and multiple data inventories that were impeding profitability and customer growth. They contracted HSi to design and develop an integrated biotechnology data management system to streamline and advance their business.

The Challenges. 1 There was no off the shelf system available that could manage such complex biotech data, which meant a custom system was needed 2 The existing data was unusable with inconsistent labeling and scattered between multiple sources 3 Integrating our biotech data management app system with the company’s pre-existing outdated website.

The Strategy. Numerous freezers held the client’s cell products while multiple manually updated spreadsheets kept a record. HSi quickly recognized that Astarte didn’t just need a cohesive database, but a sophisticated and scalable system to modernize its business and evolve with market demands. After assessing Astarte’s workflow, product inventory and use requirements, HSi normalized their cell inventory to design a comprehensive data architecture that could manage complex data based on donor characteristics, product categories, types and lots. HSi developers worked closely with third-party website developers to integrate disparate technologies for a seamless app and website platform.

The Outcome. The success of our work is based in our informed strategy and iterative development process which resulted in an advanced biotechnology data management system. The HSi team worked collaboratively with Astarte to develop a system that provides automated data management and adds measurable value to the company by streamlining everyday business procedures, ensuring data accuracy and improving the quality of service and user experience.


No room for error

The Client. A healthcare information technology company.

Key Services Provided

  1. ihealth & mhealth Medical App Design & Development
  2. Medical Database Design & Development
  3. Ideation, Strategy, Storyboarding & Workflow Charts
  4. iPad Application Prototyping
  5. User Experience Interface Design
  6. Native iOS Development
  7. Adaptive Branching
  8. Cross-Platform Technology Integration
  9. e-Prescription Capabilities
  10. Health Integration Exchange (HIE) with EPIC and CERNER
  11. MongoDB Cloud Sync
  12. An “IDN” Integrated delivery network

The Project. Motivated to reduce hospital readmittance rates, our client wanted to offer their clients a tool that would fix the communication breakdowns in the patient transfer process from hospitals through post-acute care. HSi was hired to design and develop an mHealth application that could provide an integrated digital communication landscape for multiple providers, treatment locals and administrators.

The Challenges. 1 A four-week timeline to design and develop a working iPad app prototype 2 Meeting complex compliance and security regulations and achieving 21CRF11 certification 3 Identifying the communication holes in patient care that cause preventable hospital readmittance

The Strategy. With the end-user and patients’ well-being in focus, HSi conducted a comprehensive assessment of all stages of care to understand the use requirements, information flows and data gaps. HSi recognized an opportunity to modernize the antiquated paper based patient-transfer process by designing an mHealth medical iPad app supported by an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and an Electronic Continuity of Care Document (CCD). To assist providers further, HSi incorporated advanced data analytics and predictive capabilities, a 30-day patient survey and a Patient Alert Escalation system.

The Outcome. HSi’s domain knowledge of security regulations, coupled with our advanced technical skills, enabled us to deliver a working product on time. Offering a real-time information platform with online-offline data syncing capabilities, the app creates a cohesive communication platform, ensures accurate data, streamlines everyday procedures, reduces patient care oversights and errors, and facilitates medication reconciliation and prescription ordering. By enabling medical professionals to make better informed decisions and prevent avoidable patient losses, this iPad app reduces the emotional impact for clinicians while lifting their morale. With an EHR and CDC system, HIPAA compliance, 21CRF11 certification and patient data-de-identification, the information is not just complete, but secure. These features result in an mHealth iPad app that adds measurable value to their business, empowers medical providers and helps save lives.